In a last week, the WhatsApp released an interesting function for its users, which brought more wallpapers for them. Also thanks to her, now, anyone who uses a service deserve to choose der different wallpaper ao each conversation ~ above WhatsApp.

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The process ends up being very straightforward to be carried out and remembers even the old procedure of how the standard image era exchanged porque o others. Next, check out how to choose a different wallpaper porque o each WhatsApp conversation.


Although the novo function is already easily accessible in a stable version of a program, ns feature in inquiry is still being released gradually to its users. Anyway, if you have not yet got the new option, you can shot to access it with a Beta version of ns application, i beg your pardon is available porque o Android and iOS (iPhone system).

How to choose der different wallpaper para each WhatsApp conversation

As we defined above, a process is fairly simple, including, WhatsApp likewise brought in this update much more official wallpapers, which are divided into some categories. Examine out:

1. Access the google Play or application Store and check if WhatsApp is to update to ns latest version available;

2. If you have actually an open program process, nearby it;

3. Now, open WhatsApp normally and enter ns desired conversation screen;

4. Then, click on ns icon represented by “three dots” e go chichimary.come “Wallpaper”. If you estão on iOS, enter ns “conversation options” and go chichimary.come “Wallpaper and sound”;

5. Choose one of the available categories and the preferred wallpaper to stay in the conversation;

With ns preview open, at the bottom, touch "Define" e select ns "This conversation" option. As soon as you end up this step, a wallpaper will apenas um appear in the defined conversation.

Ready! a partir de this minute on, you só need to go into each conversation to collection their individual wallpaper. So, enquanto WhatsApp conversation demands to have a same image, which can be useful even for your organization.

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