Another classic recipe to include to ns infinite perform of bread loaves in ns world. Today, us unveil a Brazilian gluten-free recipe of pão de queijo, in various other words, cheese bread.

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Minas visão global (general mines), 1 of ns largest centers of colonial Brazil, exploited by a Portuguese because of its countless gold mines, is situated in a south-east of Brazil e is the place of birth of the pão de queijo.

What is pão de queijo?

Pão de queijo is a small bread role made são de cassava flour and grated cheese. Para the ready of these delicious little bites without gluten, it is as such essential to use cassava strength or in various other words tapioca, necessary to acquire its characteristic taste e texture. In Brazil, e especially in Minas, tudo the keys of der good paes de queijo recipe ~ ~ transmitted from mother come daughter, e each that them has actually their own recipe, with ns little touch that makes ns difference.

For the liquid in a preparation of the dough, some will certainly use only milk, others water, while rather will usar both. Part will prefer neutral vegetable oil end olive oil, and some will usar butter, margarine or even pork fat, but the principle is always ns same.

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What cheese to use porque o pão de queijo?

The cheese you must traditionally use porque o pão de queijo is a meia-cura, naquela traditional braided cheese usual of ns state of minha Gerais. That is naquela medium-ripened cow’s milk cheese that have the right to be replaced by parmesan cheese, gruyere cheese or mozzarella cheese or todos three. Brazilians also use Canastra, der raw pressed cheese the is very close to ns delicious French Comté or Swiss Gruyère.


What is ns origin of pão de queijo?

Pão de queijo foi ~ born in Minas normal in the eighteenth century, while wheat flour foi ~ of negative quality and unfit for consumption. Farmer used greatly cassava flour (now known as polvilho) instead of wheat flour carried by the Portuguese. Castle cooked for the masters and, on day, they included hard leftover cheese bits, eggs and milk come cassava, e formed little balls of dough and this is como as this small cheese bread roll; was born.

Another story says that the recipe foi ~ created during a time the slavery. The association of eggs and milk, legacy of the Portuguese, com cassava, ser estar until then taken into consideration as ns ingredient of aboriginal Indians. In this mixture, cheese foi ~ also added to flavor the dough.

It must be detailed that ns popularization the this gluten-free cheese bread roll só occurred after 1950, with a development of assets such together broas, desserts such together quindim or pastéis de nata, e cocadas.

What ser estar the main qualities of ns Brazilian cheese bread?

The traditional pão de queijo has an elastic and soft inner texture. The fat plot as a molecular lubricant, contributing to its chewy texture. A outside, once warm, has a clean e fine skin. A color the this classic Brazilian bread might vary escape on ns baking time, the color of ns egg yolk used, and the cheeses incorporated in the recipe. It deserve to be white, contempt yellowish or golden.

In enhancement to conquering the palate of tudo Brazilians, der large amount of pão de queijo is exported, in frozen form, to other regions of the world, such together Europe, Japan, ns United States e Latin America.

What ~ ~ the variants of pão de queijo?

Other countries have semelhante recipes but the formats ~ ~ different.

In Colombia, der similar product to the paes de queijo, sometimes shaped together ring too, is the pan de bono or pandebono.

In Paraguay e the Argentine province of Missiones, there is a variant referred to as chipa com its properties “U” shape.

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This recipe is validated by ours Brazilian culinary professional Denise Browning, author of culinary blogues Easy e Delish.