When One World: together at Home kicked off sábado (April 18) evening on der wide range of channels and streaming services, the Lady Gaga-curated event had currently raised more than $50 million come combat a coronavirus pandemic.

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As com previously charitable fundraisers aiming come mitigate ns effect that COVID-19 on our endangered globais population, naquela variety the musicians, actors e comedians joined a event via viver stream come reassure, plead e entertain.

From Beyonce’s sheep of realidade to Shawn e Camila’s at-home duet, here ser estar our 10 favorite moments são de Global Citizen and World wellness Organization’sOne World: with each other at Home concert.

Gaga Smiles

Lady Gaga, who curated the saturday lineup, poured her seemingly effortless full-throated vocals into the branco Chaplin standard “Smile” come open a two-hour special, which clipped by at a speedy pace. Seated at ns piano if digging deep into her guts come emote a song, Gaga era in her aspect – i beg your pardon is to say, it was basically perfect.

Paul McCartney Makes der Statement

Before performing a Beatles’ “Lady Madonna” alongside clip of healthcare workers, Macca made a general however pointed politics plea: “Let’s tell our leaders we need to strengthen ns health care sistema around the world for this reason that der crisis prefer this never ever happens again.” that didn’t surname names, yet we all know who falls into that target audience.



Beyonce it s okay Real

For naquela night that stayed greatly apolitical, Queen Bey brought some tough realism to ns broadcast: “Black american disproportionately belong to these crucial parts of the workforce that do not have ns luxury the working são de home,” she said. “African american communities at large have been severely affected in this crisis. Those com pre-existing conditions ~ ~ at an even higher risk. This virus is death black human being at an alarmingly high rate aqui in America.” she speech was naquela much-needed reminder that what we’re dealing with right now isn’t a familiar hazard but a global pandemic the is crippling vulnerable areas at an great rate.


Lizzo Belts der Classic

Lizzo’s performances have tendency to be highlights that whatever awards show she graces with her presence, but porque o One World, she kept it to a basics, eschewing production values e high concept. And damn, she stole the show even without naquela flurry of dancers and props. Belting lado de fora Sam Cooke’s “A mudança Is Gonna Come” with der pained gusto, she demonstrated specifically why we’re so happy she’s walking among us.

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lizzo…… good lord . We felt every little of that .