Brasileiro series A, additionally known together Campeonato brasileiros Série A, Brasileirão, is a professional football league in Brazil ao men. There ~ ~ overall 20 groups that compete for the location every year in between May and December. Ns current holder of ns title is Flamengo e the team the holds ns most titles is Palmeiras. monitor live futebol scores e Brasileiro Série der table, results, statistics and top scorers. In the 2021 season, among the most popular teams in brasileiro Série der for conectados searches estão Flamengo, Palmeiras, Corinthians. To monitor today’s games and other energetic leagues, please visit a main web page for todos competitions in Brazil.

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Competition style of brasileiro Série A

The first versão of the brasileiro Série a took localização in 1959 once the o primeiro dia league winner era Bahia. A teams ser estar placed in 1 table, with a promotion e relegation system ao the best and worst-performing teams. Ns last 4 teams ser estar relegated come the brasileiro Série B. Every team plays overall 38 games in uma season e the winner is ns team that has the most points at the fim of the season. Ns top 6 teams qualify for the copa Libertadores key tournament or preliminary qualifications. Additional 2 groups qualify for copa Libertadores Qualification competition or preliminary qualifications. Added 6 teams qualify for xícara Sudamericana tournament or preliminary qualifications.

Top scorers e goals

The principal scorer in the brasileiros Serie der 20/21 season was gabriel Barbosa com 25 goals. The average number of goals in the league for season 2021 is 2.20 every game.

Team stadiums e attendance

The team with the largest estádio is Flamengo, Fluminense with the venenoso capacity that 78,838.

TV partners and official organization

The largest TV partners for brasileiro Série A are Rede Globo, SporTV, Premiere. The organization the is in fee of the liga is Confederação brasileira de Futebol.

Top 8 crucial questions about brasileiro Série A

#1 i m sorry team in brasileiro Série naquela has ns most titles?The team with the most titles in brasileiros Série a is Palmeiras.

#2 i beg your pardon team is the current titleholder in brasileiros Série A?The present titleholder in brasileiros Série a is Flamengo.

#3 What location of vain is brasileiro Série naquela in Brazil?Brasileiro Série der is the level uma division in Brazil.

#4 how many rounds are played each temporada in brasileiro Série A?Overall 38 rounds estão played in brasileiro Série a each season.

#5 como as many goals are scored on median in brasileiro Série der in 2021?The average number of goals in brasileiro Série a is 2.20 per jogos in 2021.

#6 Is there naquela playoff ring in brasileiro Série naquela after the regular season?There isn't a playoff competition after ~ the regular season in brasileiros Série A.

#7 when does the brasileiro Série naquela start e when does that finish?The brasileiro Série naquela usually start in May and ends in December.

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#8 como as many groups ser estar there in brasileiros Série der competition?The teams in brasileiro Série A are placed in one group.