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I don’t know why so countless people ~ ~ angry that a app doesn’t occupational well in English. Globo is a Brazilian transmissão- conglomerate. Why estão you make the efforts to assistir Brazilian TV if you don’t speak even a little little of Portuguese? You’re no entitled to content in English...The application works fine. If you not speak Portuguese it’ll it is in confusing come use. That not the smoothest experience however it’s fine. Wherein they shed me is a subscription. I tried to começo the 7 day cost-free trial so ns could vejo Big brothers Brasil. As soon as prompted with naquela sign up/registration page, the asks porque o your *social protection number* ao the transaction, as forced by Brazilian law. Ns barely trust americano companies with my SSN. No way I’m providing it to der Brazilian médio company. No decorrer matter como as big, enquanto matter how good their privacy policy shows up to be. Won’t happen. Guess ok just usar it to watch ns news...

I use Globoplay to watch caminho das indias. I was very excited about the conteúdo offered top top globoplay together there are a lot of old soap operas (where is américa though??) that ns wouldn’t uncover anywhere else. Ns was a bit taken back by the preço — 14 us dollars is 74 reais, quem would pay para this in Brazil??? but I chalked it up to terra just trying to it is in shady e charge a same quantity of reais e dollars without any type of consideration for ligar values. However I was atuações disappointed once I began using the app. Ns watch a few illustration or capítulo a day e once the o primeiro dia one is over e the second starts playing automatically I lose tudo de control end it — i can’t pause it in the app or rewind or anything. I likewise can’t exit it because ns app doesn’t registrar that naquela new episode started playing so if ns exit and try come go earlier it put me ago on the primeiro episode i watched that day. It’s naquela mess. Periodically it also plays a wrong episode as soon as I click on them. That’s what triggered me this day to compose this review; it take it me 15 minutes to compreendo the episode I wanted playing on mine tv because everytime ns “casted” it são de my phone to my Chromecast it began playing one old episode instead of the one I chose. Porque o 75 reais naquela month this is unacceptable!!!

Too countless things wrong com this application. There is durante English support also though it states you can mudança it. When developing an account the asks para some type of i would ? Why????? This makes enquanto sense. Girlfriend shouldn’t need any personal information like that come crate an account for a streaming service. A service is $14? That’s caminho too much considering friend can vai more value for your money a partir de Netflix porque o cheaper. Or vai HBO porque o $15 naquela month. Too many different streaming services at der lower rate para this application to it is in asking porque o $14 der month. That’s ridiculous. E I still can’t get past the fact is asks para your identifier info. That’s even worse. This app needs some serious occupational done if friend ever saltar to get a returning audience.

Paying 14 dollars ao this is completely unacceptable. Ridiculous. Let’s not falar about ns horrible navigation and user experience. Which would certainly be fine com me if they had decent content. The fact that they dá not market subtitle para almost tudo de of the conteúdo is disgusting. It simply comes off as lazy. Right up lazy. Para me to check which soap operas have subtitles I had to começo playing one by one and check the availability. I only found subtitle porque o ONE sabão opera. Ministérios N E soap opera. Durante English subs anywhere on ns platform. Globo you really have to up the game if you desire to offer content around ns world... Speak to me back when you type this out.

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Starting with a basics the what to expect from der streaming service the videos continually stop.To make things worse, the app doesn’t monitor played time, therefore in the case I want to stop watching a movie to resumo later or i am forced to prevent playing because the play online is stuck and the somente way fora of naquela frozen display is to go ago to ns menu e come earlier to ns video i am compelled to começar playing a partir de the start without an alternative to retomar watching.Also there is nothing in a app that mostra recently watched content, therefore I need to go discover the conteúdo every time.Note come developer: don’t stroked nerves replying com some lame forgive in Portuguese prefer you have done in other reviews here. Ns have sufficient bandwidth to watch different transmissão services on different tools at ns same equipe without interruption, and most of tudo de if friend can’t also bother reaching fora to customers in English here your customer assistance is as poor as your product.