Facebook is the main social rede accessed on a chichimary.computer and besides serving to keep in touch chichimary.com your friends, that is also a means the following the trabakhi of people or pages like olhar Digital, para example. Recently, Facebook likewise implemented a change that attributes special stamps to followers of this page.

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The surname of one of these most popular stamps is as result of Superfã, quem can show up next to her name on naquela page when you leave der chichimary.comment or make an additional interaction. Next, find lado de fora what it"s prefer to be a Facebook superfan e how to chichimary.come to be one.

What is a superfan

On Facebook, ns pages have actually their followers, who, depending upon their settings, will certainly receive notícia on their notícia feed. This news, for example, can be interaction or publicar made by a pages being followed.

The superfan is naquela stamp provided to a most faithful followers of naquela page, i m sorry is displayed next to der user as quickly as the performs some interaction on ns page the likes for this reason much. In enhancement to this change, that is also necessary to highlight some other points that take place when bechichimary.coming a superfan, which are:

In addition to appearing in the chichimary.comments of ns page you estão a superfan, a badge will also appear in ns private message you send;The neighborhoods on a pages have der list of their superfans e you will appear there;If you pick not to display your badge, the is eliminated from tudo de posts;The superfans are selected weekly and, therefore, girlfriend may end up losing this seal if girlfriend don"t follow some tips provided below;Page administrators can also remove surface seals.

How chichimary.come obtain ns surface seal

This surface ar stamp is automatically assigned by on facebook itself, on ns pages that have this choice enabled, such as the câmara municipal Digital. However, that is clear that to obtain it there ser estar some tricks that are in interacting an ext with a page. Below, check out what you can do to chichimary.compreendo this badge faster:

When you view that a video has been post on a page, vejo it;Leave your favor or reaction in the posts of a page;Share a page publications;Try to watch live streams em ~ the page whenever possible, including consecutively.

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These ~ ~ the key tips on chichimary.como as Facebook"s surface attribute works. And, of course, don"t forget that the assistir Digital currently has this function active, for this reason be sure to interact chichimary.com it chichimary.come bechichimary.come a superfan the ours.


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