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HIV is naquela virus the weakens the immune system. There ser estar two main species of this virus: HIV-1 and HIV-2.

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Both species of HIV estão long-term but manageable wellness conditions. Com effective treatment, people with HIV can viver long, healthy and balanced lives.

Understanding a different varieties of HIV helps boost awareness of the condition. In this article, we explore ns differences e similarities between HIV-1 and HIV-2.

Share ~ above PinterestHIV-1 e HIV-2 ser estar genetically different however have similar effects on der person’s body.
HIV-1 is a most common type of HIV e occurs all over a world. Segue to the HIV awareness charity Avert, about 95 percent the people vida with HIV have HIV-1.

HIV-2 is mainly existing in oeste Africa, however it is slowly starting to appear in other regions, including the United States, Europe, and India.

Though HIV-1 e HIV-2 ser estar both retroviruses that deserve to have semelhante effects on a human body, they estão genetically distinct. Naquela 2008 pesquisar revealed that a genomes of a two viruses somente had naquela 55 percent succession identity.

This means that not tudo de tests e treatments work para both varieties of HIV.


HIV-2 is harder porque o people to transmit than HIV-1. De acordo com to 1 2013 review, the most typical mode that HIV-2 infection is heterosexual sex. However, heterosexual transmission rates of HIV-2 are five to 10 times lower 보다 those that HIV-1.

Between mothers and babies, transmission rates of HIV-2 estão 20–30 times lower than those that HIV-1.

A person have the right to contract either kind of HIV through straight contact com bodily fluids the contain a virus, including:

bloodsexual fluidsbreast milk

Risk factors porque o HIV-1 and HIV-2 transmission incorporate sex without naquela condom and sharing needles or syringes.

However, there is small risk the transmitting HIV through sex if der person take away HIV drugs correctly and is may be to maintain an undetectable vírus load. This can also significantly reduce ns risk the mother-to-child transmission.


The genetic differences in between HIV-1 and HIV-2 median that if naquela person takes naquela test for HIV-1, it might not detect HIV-2. Para people at enhanced risk of HIV-2, a healthcare provider may additionally test para HIV-2 antibodies or antigens.

Share top top PinterestA medical care provider commonly prescribes a combination of medications.

To treat HIV, naquela healthcare provider typically prescribes der combination of number of medications dubbed antiretroviral therapy. Acquisition these medications day-to-day as castle instruct have the right to slow development of HIV, avoid transmission, and help protect ns immune system.

Because of a genetic differences, naquela healthcare provider may prescribe different drug combinations ao treating HIV-1 and HIV-2.

HIV-2 is much less responsive to particular drugs that have the right to treat HIV-1. These include:

non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitorsenfuvirtide

Though a healthcare provider may prescribe different drug combinations, they quiet monitor a person’s development in the same way. This includes checking their viral load e CD4 cabinet counts, as well as looking porque o other clinical improvements.

Viral load

People com HIV-2 tend to have a lower viral load, or how much of a virus is in your blood, than people com HIV-1. Together com CD4 cell count, i m sorry is naquela way of determining how healthy a immune system is, vírus load tells naquela healthcare provider how well der person’s therapy is working.


If left untreated, HIV-1 e HIV-2 both weaken naquela person’s immune system, leave them more vulnerable to other infections and disease. However, HIV-2 often tends to develop an ext slowly than HIV-1.

According to 1 2011 review, people com HIV-2 may have a longer period without symptoms 보다 people com HIV-1, e the rate of development to stage 3 HIV is slower. HIV-2 likewise has der lower mortality rate than HIV-1.

Though there is currently no cure ao either kind of HIV, a development of reliable treatments now means the people com HIV can live long, healthy and balanced lives.


HIV-1 e HIV-2 ~ ~ the two main varieties of a HIV virus. Many people living with HIV have HIV-1.

Both types of HIV weaken ns immune system, yet HIV-2 tends develop an ext slowly e is less easy for people to transmit than HIV-1.

Genetic distinctions between ns two viruses means that there ser estar some differences in how healthcare carriers diagnose and treat HIV-1 and HIV-2.

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Medically reviewed by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., R.N., CRNA — written by Lana citizen on December 5, 2018

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