Huawei individuals who ser estar facing invalid MMI code error on their phone – this article is para them. Here I will talk about some steps and you should follow them come fix ns issue.

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Method 1

You should run your Huawei phone right into the Safe mode which temporarily disables todos the apps. Uma vez you see Safe setting at a left bottom edge of a screen form in ns same prefix password in the dialer that you to be trying before and see what a result is. Para example kind *135#.

If it is working fine, then any kind of app is ns reason ao this invalid MMI code, for this reason uninstall the recently mounted apps or that privado app i m sorry is leading to this issue.


Method 2

Another caminho is come add naquela comma (,) at the prefix password end.

For example, if the prefix password is *2904*7# then simply add der comma at the end, i.e. *2904*7#,

Or girlfriend can additionally add naquela plus sign (+) after *, favor *+2904*7#.

Method 3

Enter into the information setting of her device e turn ~ above IMS end SMS.

To go to the information mode:

*#*#4636#*#* needs to be dialed in the dialerGo come Phone information/ Device“Run ping test” demands to it is in clickedClick on “Turn turn off radio” after the pinget test is doneYou will see “turn ~ above IMS end SMS”, click on itReboot your phone.

Method 4

Restarting her phone ao 3-4 equipe can solve the MMI code trouble on Huawei sometimes. Turn on your phone e go to rede settings. Now hold the Home and power buttons with each other until a phone go off. Turn it top top again.

Method 5

Go to settings on her phone > rede connection > Mobile networks > rede Operators. It will start searching. São de the option you need to select your company provider. If still the invalid MMI code problem is developing then attach again. It may take 4-5 make the efforts to começar working.

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