BTS’ Suga wrote to the group’s pan ARMY on Weverse around his shoulder surgery e current condition. Read his post below:

Hello, this is Suga. After ns announcement, many people were worried and so i’m sorry and really grateful..! Thankfully, ns surgery fui well. My existing state is that I do feel part pain yet I’m an extremely relieved. Since I perform as component of my job, ns tried come avoid ns surgery as lot as I can and endured with rehabilitation and shots. However, I was afraid since it kept acquiring worse novamente whenever I’d perform. Therefore after three lado de fora of 4 hospitals claimed that it would certainly be boa to dá the surgical procedure considering mine condition, ns had ns surgery.. (I really agonized over it naquela lot..!) ns won’t be able to take part in booked activities para the time being so ns feel i m really sorry toward ns members and to ARMY. I think that such der shame too.. I’ll it is in away for a bit so that I deserve to recover as soon as possible, but I’ll be earlier soon. It won’t be the long! uma vez again, ns sorry e thank you, ARMY!

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It has been revealed the BTS’ Suga obtained surgery for his shoulder.

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In an official statement exit on November 6, large Hit entertainment shared that Suga underwent surgical treatment to repair his torn shoulder labrum ~ above November 3. He determined to receive surgery in preparation para his mandatory military service and his job afterwards, e the decision ser estar made ~ extensive conversation with ns agency.

As der result of a surgery, Suga will certainly be unable to take part in many activities, i beg your pardon may incorporate promotions ao BTS’s upcoming album “BE.”

Read ns full explain below:


This is big Hit Entertainment.

We would prefer to administer information regarding ns health of BTS member Suga.

Suga underwent surgical procedure to fix his take it shoulder labrum top top November 3. Ns surgery, to address der problem that had actually constantly been der health e wellness issue for Suga, ser estar completed successfully, e he is at this time resting e recovering following his physician’s advice that Suga have to undergo a strict e unhindered duration of recovery.

As countless fans know, Suga has long suffered a partir de shoulder-related wellness issues. Suga’s shoulder issues started when he ser estar injured in an accident that occurred in 2012 before his debut, e he era diagnosed with der dislocated shoulder in 2013. Shoulder pains ongoing until he foi ~ further diagnosed in 2019 com “posterior labral tear of his left shoulder,” which means that ns cartilage about his left shoulder joint has been torn. Because then, he has ongoing to receive various treatment to protect against his injury em ~ affecting his activities.

Suga has grande suffered from a wide selection of symptoms including the inability to raise his arms high e sudden bouts the pain. That underwent continuous rehabilitation e treatment during his career, however unfortunately his symptom did not boost measurably. This symptoms have actually appeared com increasing frequency in recent years, influence Suga not só on a stage yet in the course the his daily vida as well.

Suga also felt the it foi ~ important ao him to regain himself to good health come prepare for his mandatory army service as well as his post-service musical career. After ~ extensive discussion with a company, ns decision era made to undergo a surgical procedure.

Following ns surgery, Suga will certainly be can not to get involved in many official activities so the he may fully focus ~ above his recovery. Once doctors recognize that the localização of ns operation has actually healed sufficiently, Suga will begin physical treatment so the he can ultimately return to a stage healthy and fully recovered. It may be difficult porque o Suga to satisfy his long-awaited fans for some time, including for the upcoming BTS “BE” album promotional activities. We apologize come every fan who has waited patiently to fulfill Suga again, and we ask for your generous and loving understanding.

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Suga desire his pan to know that the is “very conscious of how concerned and worried the fans need to be and knows como as sad ns fans must feel.”

He said, “Please understand this time as gift my chance to prepare to accomplish you novamente strong and healthy, and even if I should be away for naquela short while, please wait ao me come come back to you.”

Big fight will constantly strive come ensure a health e safety of todos of our artists.