Have friend done any planning and failed to placed anything into practice? discover to stimulate your action e accomplish what move you in the direction of your best desires.

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Have friend done any kind of planning and failed to placed anything into practice? have you ever felt like changing, do a problema transformation in your life, yet something has stopped you em ~ performing her tasks? If ns answer is yes, then a book “O força da Ação”, by author pólo Vieira, era made para you.

The work will aid you to put into practice everything girlfriend plan!

It is time to transform your life through the power that action, making it superior, nevertheless of como as it is today.

Are friend ready? then come com me!


About a book “O potência da Ação”


In a book “O poder da Ação”, “The strength of Action” in a free English translation, the author Paulo Vieira seeks to teach the main methods e tools the aim come make alters in her life.

Divided into 7 chapters, the contente is base in clinical materials, featuring many practical exercises e pictures. In addition, ns author uses countless testimonials e stories that make reading easy to understand.

In this way, paulo guarantees the it has naquela winner within each one, e from a principles presented, you can reach your best version e have what you always dreamed of.


About ns author paul Vieira


Paulo Vieira is naquela writer e is considered uma of the greatest and most experienced coaches in Brazil, with more than 10 thousand hrs in sessions. In addition, he is the creator of a Integral Systemic Coaching (CIS) methodology e president of Febracis.

As an academic background, paulo holds a PhD in management e a master's degree in coaching, both são de Florida Cristian universidade (FCU), where he teaches.

The coach is also ns best-selling author of ns books:



To whom is this publication indicated?


The content of “O potência da Ação” is idealizar both para those quem want come achieve alto performance in their daily tasks and achieve an excellent achievements, as well as porque o those who are afraid to começar something new, together they a partir de not feel prepared.

In addition, a book can aid to change your standards and guide you in the path of your goals in tudo de areas of your life, são de eliminating those extra pounds come leveraging your experienced career.


Main ideias of a book “O energia da Ação”


wake up to live the finest of your vida today; You ser estar the 1 responsible ao the vida you have taken; civilization that act have power, e who acts ideal has more power; the brain gets offered to it.


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Overview: ns 7 Principles 


Wake up


Right at a beginning of a book “O força da Ação”, a author paulo Vieira generates moments of enjoy during the reading, through questions and questionnaires proposed. In this way, extreme self-analysis is created.

It is based upon two básico points: wherein your life is currently and not awakening come have an abundant life.

The main purpose of a author is to do you wake up to life e its challenges, be sincere and recognize como as your vida has to be at ns moment. It's equipe to stop developing stories e justify failures.

From this girlfriend will check out that that is feasible to raise innovation points. Therefore you wake up in a right way and act in the direction of her dreams, to viver the ideal of your life and do not outono asleep leaving vital things to pass.




Soon after ~ waking up, it's time to get out of your comfort zone!

Paulo Vieira presents in his publication “O potência da Ação” great tips for getting fora of inertia and finding wanted results. In addition, that cites numerous stories you create to justify a failures e presents options on como as to avoid them.

To dá this, ns author asks der series of concerns to identify your main stories and desires in order to create der new vida story. In this way, it permits you to visualize a path, being able come act intelligently.

But patience down, the is not around acting on todos sides! pólo already stated that:


 "It has actually power quem acts and more power quem acts right e massively."


Be Responsible 


According to a author pólo Vieira, you estão responsible for the vida you have taken. The is, you are responsible porque o your actions, behaviors e words, nevertheless of whether things have worked lado de fora or not.

So the responsibility for mudança is yours. The is important to find a error, come analyze the reason e to action in ns correct caminho without being blamed, however taking responsibility. Remember that the complaint does not get you anywhere.

We recognize that the is difficult to colocar failures, yet that is the only way to grow.

To help you in the conquest of responsibility, paul highlights 6 sensational laws:


If you're going come criticize civilization ... Shut up;If you're going to complain about ns circumstances ... Make suggestions;If you seek guilty ... Seek the solution;If you're going to be der victim ... Be der winner;If girlfriend justify her mistakes ... Learn a partir de them;If you're walking to judge someone ... Judge the person's attitude.




In this 4th principle of ns book “O energia da Ação”, the author pólo Vieira speaks of a importance of focus, especially on a present day with thousands the options e distractions.

According come him, that is possible to achieve several varieties of focus, together as the visionary, consistent and behavioral focus. In the proposed exercises, you know perfectly what form of emphasis you have and how it is used to your tasks.

Finally, the author's goal is to get you to focus on a things that will carry you results, after ~ having understood where you placed your effort e attention.




The communication is such critical structure the it has got an exclude, chapter.

According to ns author pólo Vieira, your vida is equal to ns average of the words spoken by you. But it doesn't stop there, it goes far beyond words.

Body interaction has naquela strong influence on a brain, whether through gestures, postures e facial expressions, and is dealt com in naquela very detailed caminho in a book “O potência da Ação”.

In this chapter, the meta is porque o you to reprogram your beliefs through your external and internal, verbal and non-verbal communication.

Paulo's main tips ser estar that girlfriend be grateful, don't judge e don't complain. Also, salary attention prior to saying anything or taking any kind of action, because afterwards there is no decorrer turning back.


Make Questions


Author pólo Vieira defines that ns questions estão important e have good power, after tudo they are unlimited and timeless.

But the is not enough to asking questions, you need to ask well-asked questions, com quality and in a correct way.

These questions estão able to breakthrough to the next level that achievement, in the direction of your goals. 




In ns book “O energia da Ação”, paulo Vieira deals com belief as what determines its results e lifestyle, the is tudo de mental programming of behaviors in the face of the stimuli received.

You deserve to not blame her parents porque o being born poor. How many civilization were born poor and became affluent during a journey? Yes, they have naquela belief in common.

The key purpose of this thing is come program her mind so the you believe in points you want e grow, develop novo connections, and totally change your behaviors.


What do other writer say about it?


In ns book “Awaken the Giant Within”, writer Tony Robbins explains that to promote lasting mudança in her life, you have to first change your beliefs. Der good caminho to facilitate this procedure is to have naquela model come mirror, e to adapt the guidelines to her reality.

In “Essentialism”, writer Greg Mckeown states that multifocus is der problem due to the fact that we can not concentration on dois things at the same time, by do the efforts to a partir de this we just cheat e we diminish ours productivity.

According to Daniel Goleman, author of ns book “Focus”, como as well you pay attention affects every aspect of her life. Efficient focus an abilities enhance estatísticas especiais processes, consisting of understanding, learning, creativity, and reading other people's signals. 


Okay, but como as can I apply this to my life?


For you come have different results, you just need to have different attitudes, and the author paul Vieira teaches us como as to do these attitudes different.

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At this equipe that you already know about a 7 principles ao achieving her dreams, the is ns time come put whatever you have learned right into practice.

Remember that you have constantly been e will it is in responsible ao your dreams. Now, it's equipe to with them!


 Did you like this an introduction of the book “O força da Ação”? 


We hope you delighted in our summary e are may be to transform your vida by following ns advice that author paulo Vieira. Leave her opinion in a comments, your feedback is an extremely important come us!

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