It’s been practically three years since Nicole marrom Simpson and Ron Goldman to be stabbed come death, but a case — e O.J. Simpson’s controversial acquittal — tho captivates the nation.

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During naquela recent moment on Big brother VIP, Caitlyn jenner touched on a events that followed ns shocking 1994 Brentwood, Calif., murders. At the time, Caitlyn — then recognized as Bruce Jenner — was married to Kris Jenner, who era close to the tão tarde mom-of-two. (Simpson e Brown, quem were in a midst of a divorce as soon as she ser estar killed, common Sydney, agora 36, e Justin, now 33.)

Kris’ ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, era also component of a “Dream Team" defending ns former NFL star in what became known as a Trial of the Century.


“It ser estar an extraordinarily challenging time. Nicole ser estar Kris’ ideal friend had actually been for a long time,” a 72-year-old recalled. “I ser estar at Nicole’s home two dia before a murder.”

O.J. SIMPSON means HE DOESN'T prefer TO travel TO LOS angeles BECAUSE HE can RUN right into NICOLE brown SIMPSON'S 'REAL' MURDERER

“Obviously he did it e he got away with it, and at 1 point he even told Nicole, 'I'll death you e get away with it because I'm OJ Simpson,'” Caitlyn revealed, note the late woman “relayed the onto Kris at uma point — e unfortunately, she era right.”

“We were at ns courthouse. Us were the town hall what was going ~ above in the other room,” ns gold medalist continued. “Even after ns not guilty verdict, the o primeiro dia thing Kris turns roughly to me and goes, ‘We should’ve listened come Nicole. She ser estar right, right em ~ the beginning.”

Though Simpson foi ~ acquitted, Brown e Goldman’s households sued that in civil court for wrongful death e won a $33.5M judgment. However, in February, Fred Goldman — Ron's dad — revealed he só received $132,000 of ns money owed to him.

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As OK! reported, Simpson was recently notified to comment on questions about his assets, including "employment, property e funds," com Fred's lawyer in what is thought to be an attempt to satisfy ns outstanding balance.


Caitlyn’s step-daughter, Kim Kardashian, recently spoke o fim about Simpson when hosting Saturday noite Live critical month. Noting in her opened monologue that she "met my first black person" due to the fact that of her late father, the 41-year-old quipped: "Wanna take a stab at a dark at quem it was? I recognize it's sorta weird to remember the first black human you met but O.J. Does leave a mark, or several or none at all. I still don't know."

(Following the airing, Nicole's sisters Tanya told TMZ that the realidade star's jokes were "distasteful" e in "poor taste".)

In 2018, clip from a bizarre interview Simpson go to promote his publication If ns Did It — i m sorry contained a "hypothetical" account of the murders — with publisher Judith Regan recirculated on der two-hour special, O.J. Simpson: The falecer Confession?


“As things gained heated, I simply remember Nicole fell and hurt herself," ns the former running ago said — in what era dubbed a “shocking theoretical account” — at the time. "And ns remember ns grabbed der knife, I a partir de remember the portion, taking a knife em ~ Charlie, and to be honest, after ~ that, i don’t remember.”

Simpson, who has maintained his innocence, joined Twitter mim after a 25th anniversary that his tão tarde wife e Ron's death.