Kyên ổn Tae Hee debuted in 2001, has been in the industry for almost two decades, was born in 1980, is 41 years old và is still considered Korea’s beauty goddess.

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She is filled with talent và stunning visuals. Whatever the actress’ secret may be, her looks don’t look anywhere near even 35 years of age. Unarguably known as the most beautiful actress in the South Korean entertainment industry, Kim Tae Hee has been a part of many incredible shows và movies that have proven her acting talents. 


Even though the actress is known as Korea’s Beauty Queen, she isn’t much active sầu on either social truyền thông or elsewise. Being in the top tier of the popular faces isn’t easy but we see stars give their updates regularly as khổng lồ constantly be in touch with their fans. But with Kyên ổn Tae Hee, it’s quite the opposite. She’s known khổng lồ keep a relatively low profile and even succeed in it. Which is why when the actress came bachồng on Instagram with a new account in January 20đôi mươi, fans as usual, couldn’t stop gushing about her. It was when the actress started promotions for her comebaông xã show, ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’.


Let’s start with things you ought khổng lồ know about the star to be called a true Kyên ổn Tae Hee fan!


Kim Tae Hee and Rain had a secret wedding!




You read that right. Korea’s beauty goddess married the K-Pop legend, Rain (Real name: Jung Ji Hoon). Rain was the one who announced their engagement first, in 2017. The news was still a surprise, even when fans already knew that the actors were dating. Dispatch had first revealed the rumor that the couple were dating bachồng in 2013. Fast forward khổng lồ 2017, the couple had a private wedding with only cthua friends và family two days after announcing their engagement. The couple now has two beautiful daughters, born in 2017 & 2019. 


Kyên Tae Hee loves a low protệp tin, even with husband Rain

Another thing everyone knows about the gorgeous actress is that she doesn’t come in the limelight much.

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She uploads pictures on her Instagram once in a few months even. And that is the same case with the couple too. They don’t make many public appearances and keep their married life private. That’s why she recently made headlines when she was confirmed to lớn star in Rain’s first boy group Ciipher’s debut music video! Even in the variety show ‘Master in The House’, where the hosts visited Rain’s house, the actress did not make an appearance in the show. 


She studied at the Seoul National University and is best friends with Lee Honey

No wonder the actress is amazing in everything she does - even when it comes to lớn dressing up. Kim Tae Hee moved khổng lồ Seoul in 1999 và graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University with a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design! She’s also best friends with the popular Model, actress, và classical musician Lee Honey as they both attended SNU together. It was also reported by some media channels that Kyên Tae Hee’s wedding bouquet was given to her by Lee Honey!


Where did all of this start for Klặng Tae Hee?

It all started on a subway. Yes, a subway. Kim Tae Hee was scouted by an agent on a subway & that was the start of her modelling career. She started appearing in TV commercials và print ads. After these, her acting career started with a small role in the melodrama ‘Last Present’ which was released in 2001. But her career shot to lớn fame only in 2003, when she acted in the drama, ‘Stairway To Heaven’. 


The talented actress has dabbled both in films and dramas & earned accolades for them both. Her most notable works include ‘Love sầu Story in Harvard’, ‘Forbidden Love’, ‘Yong-pal’, ‘The Restless’, ‘Iris’ and the recent comebachồng hit ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’. Till now, she has won 18 awards in total for her impeccable acting at major award shows such as KBS Drama Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards and more. She even owns multiple valuable buildings in Korea & a $2 million USD house in California! She recently made headlines when the couple slashed the rent prices for the tenants, helping them lessen their burden, for the building Kyên Tae Hee và Rain own together.


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So there it is. Our guide to Kyên Tae Hee, Korea’s top actress và beauty goddess who never seems to lớn age.